Design student crafts "Illume" LED display shelf

Need a way to spruce up the house, but don't quite have the coin for your very own talking mirror? Chris Owens, a design student at North Carolina State University, has crafted the perfect conversation piece using a common household item and LED lighting. While this was engineered for an assignment, the Illume LED display shelf has all the makings of a retail hit. The wall-mounted shelf has three platters which seem fairly typical -- until you place an object on them. Then each section illuminates as LED lights below are triggered by weight on the touch-sensitive panels, which makes putting things away -- especially glass or semi-transparent objects -- a bit more entertaining than usual. While an estimated price and release date is unknown, it seems safe to say that Chris has a bright future ahead of him (ahem), and if LED-infused furniture suits your fancy be sure to check out the Illume in action.

[Via TechEBlog]