Slim Devices Transporter unwires high end

Audiophiles, listen up. (Oh, how we do love saying that.) Slim Devices has got something you'll want to check out if you've been on the hunt for a Sonos alternative: meet the Transporter (and we ain't talking about Jason Statham). Slim's new wireless audio distribution system moves your music (in WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, and FLAC up to 96KHz sample rates) via 802.11g or Ethernet, and outputs in XLR, with optical, S/PDIF, and coax ins and outs. But thats not all, you've also got RS-232, infrared, even a clock input port to make sure using and controlling the audio chugging through its Super Regulator-driven 120dB SNR AKM-built AK4396 DAC is a pleasurable experience. They're not going to let you off easily though, this piece will set you back two grand when it debuts September 18th. Slim Devices will, however, throw you a bone for your hard earned thousands; pre-order the Transporter before it's released and they'll toss in a free Squeezebox to say thanks for skipping out on rent (yet again).