The InSync twisting, turning hard drive

Is every external hard drive starting to look the same to you? Well, chances are you've never seen a one-touch, er, one-twist, storage device like this. The InSync external HD blends style with functionality by displaying the synchronization status via ambient visual cues. The drive initiates a sync with just a twist from the user, and the progress is represented by the degree of (mis)alignment of the cube's face with its base -- the less overlap between the two file structures, the more the hard drive morphs until the cube form is restored. So if watching numbers on a screen slowly tick by just doesn't provide the motivation you need to back-up your rig, the Insync HD might just provide the motivation necessary to get the job done. Too bad it's currently only Oren Horev's final project at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea -- any drive companies out there want to buy this design and put out a run?

[Via Infosthetics]