DirecTV delays its HD DVR (again) until the fall

We can't blame DirecTV subscribers for getting a little antsy over the company's HD DVR that has yet to materialize -- after all, it was originally scheduled to drop early this year -- so the fact that this highly-anticipated product has once again been delayed until the fall will probably cause some very understandable frustration. The satellite TV provider recently sent wait-listed customers a letter explaining that the box is undergoing additional testing to ensure smooth operation (yeah, we've heard that line before), and that it's now set to ship in "the September/October time frame." One skeptical analyst over at Sanford C. Bernstein, however, feels that the delay is actually due to inventory shortages, and that DirecTV is only putting off the inevitable cost it will incur from a new product deployment. Bernstein's Craig Moffett went on to speculate that the company's procrastination may actually cause some subscribers to flee to (future partner?) Dish or cable, but his analysis doesn't seem to take into account the somewhat-crippled and limited HD TiVo already available to DirecTV's customers. Still, these habitual delays are certainly doing nothing to bring new subscribers into the fold, so we humbly suggest that DirecTV give their testers a few cases of Red Bull and some serious overtime to get this thing out the door as quickly as possible.

[Via HDBeat]