iOPS reveals BlueQ 4GB DAP

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then it seems like Korean manufacturer iOPS has mad love for almost all of the major DAP makers on the market. Having already taken design cues from Samsung's YP-U1 and Apple's iPod mini -- they actually got sued for that one -- it looks like the company now has its sights set on the iRiver Clix with its latest offering, the BlueQ. Formerly known as the Q18, this model sports a 1.8-inch, 262,000-color screen, up to 4GB of flash storage capacity, and most impressively, Bluetooth support for wireless enjoyment of your tunes or 30fps vids. Expect to see the BlueQ in stores sometime in mid-August for an unknown price, but probably not in the US. Watch out Sandisk and Creative -- we hear that iOPS' engineers just got their hands on a Sansa and Zen V.

[Via DAPreview, photo courtesy of popco]