Lowrance's iWay 600C navigates highways and waterways

We've been searching far and wide for the perfect navigation system to install in our new Aquada transformer car, and just in the nick of time, Lowrance hits us up with the iWay 600C that's equally at home on land or at sea. Followup to the well-received iWay 500C, this model improves upon its little brother by jacking the 5-inch screen's resolution up to 640 x 480, increasing hard drive capacity from 20GB to 30GB (though storage space for MP3s has actually been cut from 10GB to 5GB), and most importantly for our Aquada, adding shoreline and contour maps to the popular NAVTEQ road database. Other nice features include a built-in FM transmitter, both Windows and Macintosh support, and the usual suite of vocal prompts, automatic course rerouting, and the option of a 3D birds-eye view when traveling on land. Best of all, this new model -- available immediately -- retails for the same $800 as the 500C did when it first came out. More features, same price: that's what we love about modern technology.