Verizon launches Chocolate July 31st

Ryan Block
R. Block|07.25.06

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Verizon launches Chocolate July 31st image
Verizon launches Chocolate July 31st image
It's laid so bare at this point it's almost kind of an open secret, but contrary to what we'd heard earlier (which was a week off), we've got launch dates and prices for Verizon's LG VX8500 Chocolate phone. Starting July 31st you'll be able to snag the phone online, and come August 7th you can get it in stores. The price? Not too terrible: $359 without contract, $249 with 1 year, and $199 for two years committed to the carrier. Might be a little more than we'd originally expected, but outside the Q you're not likely to see a sexier EV-DO device on Verizon for a little while yet.

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