Hawking's Wireless-108G MIMO for Macs

While rumors of a MIMO or otherwise high-speed networking tech to replace Apple's aging Airport Express wireless networking products have been bandied about, actual products still do a bit more to actually boost networking speeds. Hawking Technology's new Hi-Gain Wireless-108G aims to do just that, though from the looks of it they don't offer a compatible 108G wireless card to take full advantage of the speed boost. The router is rather equipped to get the most out of a multi-user 54G network by boosting range up to 3x, stabilising connections and penetrating dead zones. Of course, most MIMO routers claim a similar collection of enhancements, and Hawking's compatible Hi-Gain range-boosting adapters are merely 54G, but it might be just the bump your network needs until those Airport ExpressErer products come along.