LogiNoki: the LCD mouse mod

In much the same way that moving to a dual-monitor setup only makes you want to add a third and maybe even a fourth display, mod king Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö decided that if his Logitech G15 gaming keyboard sported an LCD screen, why, his mouse needed one too. Far from practical (after all, your hand is covering the tiny display whenever you're using the mouse), this is one of those projects you undertake purely for the love of the game -- and maybe to impress your handful of friends who actually think pimped-out computer peripherals are the epitome of cool. The build itself doesn't sound as difficult as some of the other mods we've featured here: Pönkkö simply hooked up a salvaged Nokia 6610 LCD to a standard controller, attached the wiring and and a parallel port connector to his Logitech G5's existing USB cable, and stuffed the components right inside the modified mouse. Obviously the screen is too small to to fit web pages or even an IM window, and it's too slow to properly display video, but you could still employ it for photo slideshows or visual alerts of some kind. Before you blow this concept off completely, keep in mind that a certain software giant is also trying to cram auxiliary displays into places they've never been; who knows, maybe Microsoft's got a commercial version of this mouse waiting in the wings.

[Via Hack-A-Day]