Memorex reveals iFlip portable video player for iPod

We can add anotheriNotch on the iBedpole to the list as Memorex has annouced its forthcoming portable video (and audio) player for Apple's iPod. The iFlip claims to only support the 5th generation variety (what about 6th gen?), and sports an 8.4-inch LCD with 480 x 234 native resolution, built-in speakers, tilting dock, and an integrated battery to provide "up to" 5 hours of excitement, which we assume drops substantially when using the device to play back video rather than just audio. While the fold-up unit has S-video out, line out, dual headphone jacks, and an on-screen menu to adjust color / brightness-related aspects, there appears to be no way to mirror your iPod's display on the iFlip (i.e. for showing album art while a playlist spins). But if the small screen on your iPod has you bumming, you can grab an iFlip in September for $200 and make life on the road -- at least for a few hours -- a bit more enjoyable.