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TiVo takes home an Emmy

In what could be seen as something of an ironic move, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has just awarded TiVo -- the same company that's made life more difficult for networks, cable companies, and industry-supporting advertisers -- a 2006 Emmy award for "outstanding achievement in enhanced television programming." Services like TiVo KidZone and TiVoCast helped the DVR king beat out such offerings as AOL's Music on Demand, CNN Enhanced, and DirecTV's Interactive Sports, with the official statuette being awarded on August 19th at the Creative Arts Awards Ceremony being held in L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium. Congratulations, TiVo, you've certainly had a big week: first you launched your Audience Research and Measurement division, then you formed a sweet marketing agreement with BellSouth, and now you've been honored for all your hard work with a shiny Emmy -- but don't go resting on your laurels quite yet, as it looks like there may still be dark clouds just over the horizon.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]