Pentax K100D DSLR reviewed


certainly isn't new to the budget-DSLR scene, and its K100D is another fairly affordable offering into the single-reflex lens world. When we first got wind of this camera a few months back, our biggest excitement stemmed from the more manageable naming system, but ePhotoZine actually found quite a bit more to love about the K100D than the refreshing model name. While this unit is an awful lot like the *ist DL 6.1, that's actually not such a bad thing. The most substantial update to the 6.1 megapixel camera is the CCD-shift shake reduction system -- a first in the Pentax DSLR lineup -- that presumably helps reduce blur in moving and low-light situations (i.e. OIS). Reviewers found the system beneficial, but poorly implemented nonetheless; there's no visual indication the system is actually working or how effective it is until you view the finished image, which isn't exactly useful in the field. Also, the camera had a tough time digesting more than 3 RAW shots in succession, often forcing the operator to wait until the buffer was clear before shooting could resume. However, if those two relatively professional complaints won't apply to you, the K100D produced excellent images and was said to "perform well for its price point." While the 2.5-inch display, sturdy enclosure, 200 to 3200 ISO settings, and impressive 11-point AF system were viewed quite fondly, it should be noted that your CF cards aren't welcome here, as only the SD format is accepted, and 4 AA batteries are used in favor of a proprietary cell. But if you've been chomping at the bit to grab a DSLR on the cheap, and you can live with the, um, unstable anti-shake system, you can snag the K100D now with a bundled 18-55mm lens for $699.99.

[Via Photography Blog]