Lux Entertainment intros ARIIS-AR26SSMCE waterproof MCE TV

Probably bidding for business at homes that you'd deem a "crib," Lux Entertainment has introduced a flashy outdoor display that just so happens to integrate with your Windows Media Center PC. While it's apparently too easy to use your pool, patio, or deck for things like relaxing and catching up with friends, Lux helps you stay connected even when wandering away from living room. Although we've ran across TVs that were quite the outdoors typebefore, the ARIIS-AR26SSMCE makes streaming all flavors of media from an MCE PC to your outside destination a breeze. Aside from the 26-inch Sharp LCD HDTV -- which is safely sealed from cannonball overspray and flash flood rains in a glare-free glass enclosure -- you get a built-in Media Center Extender with wireless connectivity and a waterproof RF universal learning remote that can operate your pool and spa controls when not sifting through old episodes of "Friends." Lux also includes a stainless steel base rocking two "marine-grade speakers" and a snazzy temperature-sensing heating / cooling system to keep the system within the recommended operating conditions. The ARIIS-AR26SSMCE could likely be the answer to your pool party blues, so if you need a waterproof display that comes pre-wired to connect with your media in order to enjoy some R&R, and you can lay out the $6,800 it takes to procure one, then by all means, dive right in.