iChat Mobile: is it the iPhone (part forty bajillion)?

Ok everybody, alright, get it all out of your systems now. WWDC's in a few days, and the predominant rumor is that the iPhone is what we're going to get from it. Apple knows we want it, and we know they're working on it. Hell, at this point the only mystery is why they're bothering to keep it such a secret, but so long as they're withholding it from the general public, we're going to be invariably baited into running possibly-photoshopped images of what could be ads depicting the device everyone's been waiting for. According to this particular rendition it's going to be called iChat Mobile (clever, right?), and looks a little something like the Apple Remote, playback buttons front and center -- obviously intended for a proper cellphone-iTunes experience. Alright then, we've filed, now you decide. (Click on for a larger picture.)

[Thanks, Harlan]