Sharp launches UX-B800SE Broadband Fax

Ahh, the analog-phone document facsimile machine. A technology that could and should have gone far, far away a long, long time ago, yet lingers still for businesses who can't seem to let go. There are, of course, some painfully obvious reasons why this is: person A puts a printed document in person B's hand with little or no effort on either person's part, and, well, it just works. Sharp's new UX-B800SE Broadband Fax does the usual boring squelchy phone thing, oh sure, but it also has an Ethernet connection allowing you to send PDF or TIFF scans (two-sided, if you prefer) of your documents via email, as well as receive analog faxes and email them to you if you're like the tethered office drones of yesteryear, waiting around all morning for so-and-so's fax. So as much as we'd like to take the faxes of the world out back and go all Office Space on 'em, we know it's just not going away any time soon. Thus, for now we'll call a truce between factions; on behalf of email addicts everywhere, we accept Sharp's UX-B800SE Broadband Fax as an adequate compromise; we'll take two and call your fax in the morning.