Sony's GPS-CS1 provides GPS for cameras

Ryan Block
R. Block|08.02.06

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Sony's GPS-CS1 provides GPS for cameras
We'd like to think if you were carrying a 3.5-inch $150 GPS receiver on your person you'd be able to use it for more than just geo-tagging your Cyber-shot photos, but hey, that's Sony for ya. Their new GPS-CS1 tracks your coordinates while you're out and syncs your timed route to your PC with their Picture Motion Browser, which then uses the timestamps embedded in your photographs to provide maps with geographically coordinated "virtual push pins" for augmented photo library meta-posterity. It's an interesting and compelling concept even despite the typical Sony walled garden, but now that they've pioneered the method we think someone's liable to hack up a quick and dirty GPS-enabled smartphone app to do the same for the rest of Flickr-using types (and don't say Zonetag -- doesn't count).
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