Directed unveils Soloist universal media dock

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.04.06

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Directed unveils Soloist universal media dock
If you've ever dreamed of morphing your Sirius boombox and iPod speaker system into one incredibly convenient unit, you're obviously not alone. Directed Electronics has raised the curtains on its Soloist universal media dock, which apparently hopes to be an end-all solution to folks who don't want a separate sound system for every media player they own. Although this is labeled with the ever-trendy "universal" tagline, it's clear this NXT-powered device was created with Apple's cash cow and Sirius subscribers in mind. The Soloist utilizes SurfaceSound flat panel speaker technology, and packs a subtle 10 watt-per-channel Tripath amplifier into a thin, black housing. While the system will definitely support the iPod and Sirius varieties, an untold amount of other interchangeable cradles will supposedly be included. Just in case your DAP is shunned in the cradle department, an aux-in port is provided along with a headphone jack and a Sirius in-house antenna to boot. The portability crowd will be a bit bummed that the Soloist only plays when connected to an AC outlet, as a battery compartment is MIA, but you will be able to wake to your favorite tune or Sirius station thanks to the built-in alarm clock, which could possibly make dragging yourself out of bed at least slightly less excruciating. This surprisingly well-featured device might not replace your high-end speaker systems, but if consolidation becomes a necessity, you can snag the Soloist for $149 this September.
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