Teac's Tannoy ST-100 super tweeter

Ryan Block
R. Block|08.01.06

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Teac's Tannoy ST-100 super tweeter
Oh you know how we're such suckers for anything that's extravagant, Japanese, and that would make a completely superfluous addition to our mounting collection of, um, unnecessary ridiculous and absurdly overpriced Japanese toys. Enter the Tannoy ST-100 super tweeter, the black truffle of high-end high-range speakers. If a 24K gold "evaporation" titanium dome diaphragm (we'll take their word for it) capable of playing back audio frequencies up to 100kHz -- far outside the range of normal human hearing -- gets the ink flowing in your check-writing pen, be warned: Teac expects you to part with yen;252,000 (about $2,200 US) for a pair of these things, so be damned sure your source plays DVD-Audio and SACD.

[Via AV Watch]
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