MacMice ships The Mouse BT II

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.04.06

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MacMice ships The Mouse BT II
If dropping 70 bucks on Apple's one two-button Bluetooth Mighty Mouse just wasn't going to happen, then it's highly unlikely you'd spend the same amount on a third-party alternative that may never arrive. Although MacMice hasn't been in the news of late for mysteriously missing shipments, we're still not sure what to make of the company. Nevertheless, it's releasing a new version of The Mouse BT that sports a white outfit in favor of the previous silver, plays nice with OS X and Windows XP, and supports the Bluetooth v1.2 standard as well. This honest-to-goodness two-button mouse certainly resembles the Mighty Mouse, but in place of Apple's miniature trackball is MacMice's "MicroScroll" (i.e. your run-of-the-mill notchless scroll wheel). While The Mouse BT II doesn't support single-battery operation, it does include a nifty USB charging base where you can park your pet for the night to recuperate. Although the company may have a shaky past, the real issue here is the questionable pricing -- unless a charging station just rocks your world, it's unlikely MacMice will win over any potential Bluetooth Mighty Mouse customers by just matching Apple's (debatably high) $69.99.
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