Bump keying: $1 keys open any lock

Anyone who knows anything about locks and lock picking knows that most locks on most doors -- the tumbler variety -- can be picked with a little skill and a couple of tools. But what would you say to the frightening truth that lying before the world these hundreds and hundreds of years we've been using tumbler locks, was a simple technique that allows an intruder to quietly, quickly, easily open any lock for the cost of a copied key? It's called bump keying, and we can assure you it has nothing to do with certain white narcotics. By simply cutting some keys down to serrated-like edges of sharp, even peaks and valleys, an amateur can break into a home in less time than it takes to disassemble a bic pen. Watch as a master locksmith walks up to his own shop, bumps a key, and cruises right in only to declare that his own front door is now no longer more secure than it would be using a $10 lock (after the break). The cheap, easy, no-mess skeleton key: coming to a robbery near you. Alert your insurance agents, everybody. [Warning: PDF link!]

[Via MAKE: Blog]