Pentax's Optio W20 waterproof digital camera

Looks like enough people thought the ability to dunk their digital camera in a martini glass was a decent buying incentive that it was in Pentax's best interest to upgrade that W10 to the W20. Their new JIS Class 8 waterproof device can stay submerged up to 5 feet in water for up to 30 minutes, and features a SDHC support, 1600 ISO mode, 3x optical zoom, 1-inch macro mode, 7 megapixel sensor, 2.5-inch display, and an "under $300" asking price (i.e. $299.9999999-infinite). Ships September (i.e. next month, for you slacker types), so if you didn't already have a W10 (or a waterproof case) and were planning on trip far or near to take a dip in the drink, you may want to hold out just a bit longer.