Your Blackberry might get your company hacked

Would you believe something so innocently addictive as a BlackBerry could cause -- in addition to antisocial tendencies, BlackBerry thumb, cranial trauma (over and over), and government panic -- your poor employer to get hacked? Well believe it. At this year's DEFCON Jesse D'Aguanno of Praetorian Global demonstrated a program called BBProxy that can cause your RIM handheld to give malicious intruders access to your remote network by tunneling through your device's link to the mail server mothership. And, as anyone who's ever done any computer security stuff knows, rarely are companies' soft, warm intranet-underbellies well guarded against skilled internal attacks. What's worse, BBProxy can easily be delivered to your vulnerable virus-scanner free handheld via email. Or maybe it's not as bad as it all seems (well, we hope so anyway), but damned if we'd be opening any attachments on our BlackBerrys any time in the near future.