FujiFilm intros 2GB xD-Picture Card

2GB might not seem like all that much compared to 8GB CompactFlash cards and 4GB SDHC cards, but for anyone confined to the tiny xD-Picture Card format, it must seem like virtually unlimited storage. That's cause FujiFilm's new 2GB xD-Picture Card fully doubles the capacity of current xD cards, letting users store a previously unheard of 1,640 5-megapixel photos or 58-minutes of 320 x 240 video. It also promises "quick reading and writing speeds," but FujiFilm doesn't specify exactly how quick. Of course, now that xD's starting to nip at the heels of its bigger memory card rivals, we can only guess that they're gonna hit us with 10 or 12GB cards soon, making our xD-using friends feel even more insecure about their chosen format.