More XBLA lovin', Time Pilot, Lumines!

For those of you who missed it on Joystiq, the Official Xbox Magazine (UK) revealed the next batch of games for Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays. The list reads thusly:

  • Aug. 16: Texas Hold 'em

  • Aug. 23: Time Pilot

  • Aug. 30: Scramble

  • Sept 6: Lumines Live!

Hmm...two (arguably) obscure retro arcade titles sandwiched by Texas Hold 'em and Lumines Live! Not bad at all. While few will doubt the appeal of card games or the wonderfully addictive Lumines, one must wonder how well Time Pilot and Scramble will do. Any fans of these retro classics out there?

Bonus points for anyone that can point out the connection between Konami's Time Pilot and Capcom's XBLA smash hit, Street Fighter II.

[Via Joystiq]