Okoro Media Systems now shipping Core 2 Duo based systems

Trailing only slightly behind the onslaught of Core 2 Duo machines we've seen recently, Okoro Media Systems is following suit by offering Intel's latest processors in their home theater computers. Okoro has shown it likes to keeppace in the HTPC race, and by tossing the Core 2 Duo in three of their PCs, it hopes to take advantage of the extra speed and efficiency the chips offer. The OMS-TH540 will sport the Intel 1.8GHz E6300, while the OMS-TH550 gets the 2.13GHz E6400, and still holding tight to its "fastest HTPC available" claim, the OMS-GX300 rocks the Intel Core 2 Extreme 2.93GHz X6800. While it doesn't look like they've removed any fans, the company states that the Core 2 Duo was chosen because of its efficient nature, allowing the creation of "high performance, ultra-quiet, and low power" entertainment systems. This new trio runs "up to 40 percent faster and quieter" than the previous generation of Okoros, and these fresh releases also rock "DTS Connect" technology, which provides 7.1 "HD audio," HDCP compliant video playback, and ATSC recording capabilities. The revamped lineup -- Core 2 Duo and all -- is available immediately, but with prices starting at $2,095 and reaching way past our credit limit, the bleeding-edge technology comes at a painful premium.