Fly into landmarks with Google Maps flight sim

Since Google released its Google Maps API to the public, budding game designers have used it to place everything from golf to Carmen Sandiego style terrorist foiling over satellite images of the world. Now we can add a Flash-based flight simulator to that list. Goggles lets you fly a crude, 3D plane over a selection of major cities from around the world (and the solar system -- you can also fly over sections of the moon and Mars).

There's no explicit goal, but you can fire cartoony circular bullets at the ground to leave temporary black pockmarks on the landscape. You can also crash your plane into famous landmarks, a feature sure to draw the ire of conservatives who will say the game is training a new generation of terrorists to destroy our very way of life. Our only real complaint is that the plane can't go very fast or zoom out very high, which limits how quickly you can find your favorite landmark to destroy. Here's hoping for a version 2.

[Via Jay is Games]