More mylo deets emerge, Linux is under the hood

Now that we've recovered from the initial surprise of Sony's mylo announcement, we're starting to get a few more details on its functionality. Turns out the teeny device is powered by an unspecified version of embedded Linux (possibly from Wind River), with a graphics and application framework provided by Trolltech's Qtopia platform. There's also Java Virtual Machine support, which seems to give homebrewers plenty of options for creating apps for the device -- if Sony hasn't locked things down too tightly. As for that QVGA 2.4-inch screen, Sony is packing in MP4 video support, so ready-to-go videos shouldn't be hard to find. There's also MP3, ATRAC and WMA to round out format support. While the mylo dodges that main Nokia 770 bullet by packing a QWERTY keyboard, Sony's device suffers from a hefty pricetag for its younger target audience, a notable omission of AIM and Windows Live Messenger, and a lack of explicit gaming or 3rd party support. Still, those WiFi and Linux specs hint at a lot of potential, so we're sure that this thing can manage to be a bit more than another Skype handset.