The irony kills -- PSP music download service stalled by DRM

It's one thing to hold off competitors or annoy those pesky consumers with a bit of DRM, but Sony is really taking this stuff all the way now that they've managed to hold up their own operations with attempts to secure content on the PSP. Apparently they're hoping to launch a WiFi-friendly music store, with similarities to iTunes in operation, but haven't quite got the DRM system sorted. "A big issue for us has been the (Digital Rights Management) and how we can secure that content to the Memory Stick," says John Koller, senior marketing manager for the PSP. "The studios and the labels don't want their content floating around." Sounds like they aren't quite set on using Sony's own Connect music store -- they're watching to see how that performs, and investigating other options -- which is all well and good. But we still can't help but indulge in a bit of unsightly gloating at the though of Sony a development team being hampered by their own DRM and file format failings.

[Via T3]