Siemens VDO shows off eCorner motor-in-hub concept

We've seen various implementations of all these assorted next-gen car technologies that Siemens got ahold of for their new eCorner system, but they've managed to squeeze them all into a single wheel, creating quite an interesting system for use with fuel cell or hybrid cars. First off, there's an electronic motor integrated into the wheel hub, allowing for more efficient power use and independent rotation from the rest of the car. Next up is an active suspension system and Siemens' very own electronic wedge brake (EWB). Finally, the independent steer-by-wire function built into the wheel allows for some very interesting maneuverability. Siemens expect cars that would use such functionality to be common in 15 years or so, but we hope we don't have to wait that long for all the fun and power savings this system promises.

[Via Autoblog]