New Segway coming tomorrow?

Wouldn't you know it, just when we've finally perfected riding our Segway HT180i without falling off every five seconds and skinning our knees, multiple reports are claiming that the company is poised to release a brand new version of the self-stabilizing human transporter as soon as tomorrow. A generous tipster sent us the exclusive photo you see here which supposedly depicts a model known as the i2 (Does the "i" indicate some sort of iPod integration? We couldn't say, but everyone else is doing it these days.); the same tipster claims a so-called x2 Segway is also on the way. Since the only info we have on the supposed i2 is what we we can glean from the pics, well, we really don't know very much at all -- but another tipster is reporting that Segway reps told him tomorrow's release will be "70% new and very different from the old models." Don't worry, we're a bit confused too, but if our sources are on the money, we'll be able to deliver you all the solid deets in less than a day's time.

Update: Oh, those helpful tipsters. The latest word from our man on the inside is that the new offering -- supposedly priced similarly to current Segs -- will operate on a "lean steer" system, which as the name indicates, means that leaning left or right on the handlebars will turn the vehicle in the corresponding direction. A wireless security fob is also said to be part of the package, so you can pretend that you own a real car even though you're just cruising around on a teched-out scooter.

[Thanks, Dignan17 and other]