First European HD DVD release

Europe can now taste all the HD DVD goodness thanks to an animated short called elephants dream. This film is now Europe's first HD DVD and it looks like it would be a treat to watch. The flick is up on YouTube and you can get the jest of the story but it just doesn't do it justice like VC-1 or MPEG-2 would. In fact, this disc has the film encoded in both of the codec's and allows the viewer to choose which one to watch. The disc is of course encoded in 1080p and has tons of cool extra features that take full advantage of HD DVD's iHD experience. There are several audio commentaries, "Making of" documentaries that use the PIP mode, and even a script-to-scene mode. The HD DVD is currently available for 14.90 Euros ($19.03 USD) but to get it shipped to the States is going to cost you another $16.59.

[Screenshots after the jump]