PS3's Eye-Toy to incorporate 3-D mapping?

The Israeli company Prime Sense has been connected to Sony's upgraded EyeToy, boasting a new sensor and digital processor that provides real-time 3-D mapping. It essentially "perceives the world in 3D and derives an understanding of the world based on sight, in the same way that humans do." That's neat. You can read more about the link between Sony and Prime Sense at EETimes.

The article goes on to explain how the EyeToy would see the user and the user can interact with things in the game without having to wear any equipment (pronounced: no Wiimote). Wouldn't it be neat to play a boxing game where your movements are monitored (juking and dodging) and you can physically (well, almost) punch your digital opposition? It's been kind of done at arcades -- you did have to wear sensor gloves, though. But the lack of equipment and using just a camera isn't all that great. The Wii does have a controller so you've got a little bit to work with. Which would you prefer: the Wii with a controller, or the EyeToy technology relying on a super-smart camera?