Sirius Stiletto 100 live sat radio discovered

Between leaky catalogues and the FCC it's a wonder anyone's products are kept under wraps for long, but that obviously wasn't the case for Sirius's unfortunately named Stiletto 100, which went out with the usual Crutchfield catalogue before being officially announced. Besides having a you-know-what like clickwheel, the Stiletto appears to be their first live portable sat radio player, finally catching up to the tech XM introduced at CES earlier this year with the Inno and the Helix. It should have PlaysForSure support with 100 hours of storage for Sirius programming, and another 50 for the stuff you've downloaded; the device should also have WiFi, and apparently 4 hours live reception (and up to 22 hours recorded), and will go for $399 when Sirius officially acknowledges its existence. Psst, guys, cat's out of the bag, just go ahead and announce it, ok?

[Via OrbitCast, thanks to everyone who sent this in]