Monolith Media Center brings MythTV to the technophobe

If MythTV's promise of a free Windows Media Center alternative sounds exciting, but you can't quite bring yourself to navigate the trials of a Linux install on your own, then you might be interested in Monolith's pre-built Media Center PCs, which come with MythTV pre-installed on top of Ubuntu Linux. Models start at $650, and include a remote, an IRBlaster, and free electronic programming guide access -- none of those silly TiVo-style monthly fees. Specs range from a single analog tuner to dual HDTV tuners, and you can get a 400GB HDD and DVD burner as well. The 3.2GHz P4 CPU isn't exactly cutting edge, but all the same, the Monolith box should be fine for someone who doesn't want to mess with setup, and isn't afraid to spend a bit more than they would otherwise.