Sony gets their 50GB dual-layer Blu-ray discs out the door

Well, they missed their June launch plans by a couple of months, but Sony has finally managed to ship their 50GB Blu-ray discs to a doting public. Just as expected, the discs are going for that $48 slap-in-the-face of a pricetag, and you'll still be better off buying a pair of 25 giggers, or a few DVDs if you're looking for price-per-gigabyte. But if you've gotsa have the latest and greatest, or just would like to find something nifty to do with that new Blu-ray drive of yours, it doesn't get much hotter than 2x 50GB discs with AccuCORE protection. Sony is still promising rewriteables for later in the year -- these discs are just write-once -- and we're guessing prices won't stay so lethal forever.

[Via HD Beat]