Logitech AudioStation iPod speaker systems announced

If you're looking for something a bit beefier-looking than Apple's own much-maligned iPod Hi-Fi, Logitech may have just the speaker system for you. At $299, their just announced AudioStation (pictured above) isn't all that much cheaper than the Hi-Fi, but it does look to stack up pretty well against it, with two 1-inch dome tweeters, a pair of 4-inch woofers, and a total power output of 80W. For the audiophiles out there, it also promises a maximum sound pressure level of 110dB, and a frequency response of 36Hz to 23kHz plus/minus 3dB. Specs the rest of us can understand include an AM/FM radio, built-in LCD that displays a clock or radio info, a standard 3.5mm input, and an S-Video output for iPods with video, as well as a 16-button remote. Look for it to drop this October, along with a portable version, the AudioStation Express (pictured after the break), which is much more Hi-Fi-inspired design-wise, although quite a bit less capable in the audio department -- it's set to retail for $129.99.

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[Via PC Mag]