Another Dell laptop goes boom in the night

Dude, just because you're in the Netherlands doesn't give you any reason or excuse not to have traded in your Dell laptop battery for one that isn't so, shall we say, explosive? This unfortunate Latitude (appears to be a D610 D510) met its fate when, like so many others, it was cut down before its time in a violent and easily prevented explosion. We'd tell you more, but unfortunately the article is in a tongue we don't speak (sorry, we took Zulu in high school), but if any of our Dutch pals want to apprise us as to the situation, we'd be most obliged.

[Thanks, Jeroen]

Update: Jeroen gave us the skinny on this one. Apparently the unit's owner, Ewout, was on holiday in Hungary with the laptop when it caught fire; of course it would not be extinguished by mere water, so sand was found and thrown on the machine. Thankfully Dell was, um, gracious enough to replace Ewout's laptop, so there ya go.