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Pasha De Cartier's luxurious USB flash drive

Pasha De Cartier's luxurious USB flash drive
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|August 22, 2006 8:32 AM
While there's a USB drive for just about every obsession or off-the-wall niche out there, we're glad to see that the same folks rocking the million dollar beds, musical showers, and D&G RAZRs can finally toss a USB memory stick on their keychain that expresses their style status. Pasha De Cartier, the world renowned French jeweler, has unveiled a 1GB flash drive that supposedly borrows styling cues from the eloquent line of Pasha watches. Surrounding the stainless steel bezel are numerical etchings that resemble the dial of a luxurious timepiece, a nice, if purposeless, touch. To cap it off, the device rocks a silk drawstring that's likely to be worth more than your entire stash of flash memory alone, and of course, the engraved "Cartier" is nothing short of priceless. While this just may be the most expensive way to carry around 1GB of data, its price is likely the least of your worries if you're even pondering picking this up.

[Via Sybarites]