Ultraviolet bread box preserves bread, freaks out friends

Contrary to appearances, this is not a device for creating giant mutant bread, it's actually a bread box designed to prevent mold from growing on your run of the mill unmodified loaf of carbs. Based on the same groovy kind of UV light used in food and medical sanitization, the breadbox should be relatively easy to build for anyone with minimal DIY skills -- and even if it didn't work exactly as intended, would be a stylish addition to any mad scientist's (or fantasy lad's) kitchen. But according to the folks at InventGeek, it actually does its job, increasing the shelf life of bread by about 50%, and preventing any mold from growing on the exterior of the bread (it may still grow inside, however). They didn't say what the bread tasted like after being baked a second time in UV, but you want to give it a shot yourself, the total cost of parts should only run you about $65.

[Via MAKE: Blog]