14-year-old girl sues friend over missing iPod

You gotta love the litigousness of youth -- especially when there's an iPod involved. A spat over a missing iPod resulted in a lawsuit in Wheaton, Illinois, when 14-year-old Shannon Derrik sued her (now former) friend Stephanie Eick for losing her brand new iPod. It seems that Shannon made the fool mistake of lending her iPod to Stephanie, who decided it'd be a good idea to give back the iPod by leaving it on Shannon's desk rather than waiting for her to return from the restroom to hand it over in person. The iPod managed to disappear -- apparently someone in that classroom had some sticky fingers -- and so Shannon sued for $475 in damages and court fees (she says she did a LOT of babysitting to pay for that iPod). The case was initially tossed because of an improper filing, but it looks like the two girls will finally square off in court in about a month (the word on the street is that they're gearing up for a serious showdown in the cafeteria when school starts up again). Ryan and I will be headed to Wheaton next month to liveblog the entire trial, we really have no choice to put all our resources into coverage of a case of this magnitude.

[Thanks, Ricardo]