New digital picture frames from Smartparts and Siren

Couple of new digital picture frames to bring you courtesy of Smartparts and Siren, cause you know we just can't bear to let one slide by. Smartparts looks to be trying to de-emphasize the digital aspects of its frame (pictured above), slotting an 8.4-inch LCD into a genuine wood frame with a walnut finish (hey, not everyone's into the quasi-futuristic look). It'll handle just about every type of memory card, of which you'll need at least one spare cause it doesn't appear pack any storage of it's own -- it does come with a handy remote though, and will set you back about $200 US. Siren's frame (peep it after the break) has a smaller 5-inch display available in your choice of black or brown frames, and packs a welcome-but-paltry 32MB of built-in memory, in addition to the requisite line up of memory card support. No remote on this one though, but look for it to be available in Japan later this month for ¥17,800 (just over $150 US).

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