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ROAD's Handy-PC S101 apparently real

It's one thing to see Photoshop upon Photoshop of a device that may or may not exist (just think of how many iPhone concepts we got inundated with), but it's quite another to see it in the flesh. It gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling to know that the hotness you're gazing at is something more than vaporware. Not to say spotting a handset in the wild guarantees its release -- far from it, in fact -- but still, ROAD's been offering us nothing more than ridiculously badass-looking drawings of their Handy-PC for the past year and a half, and we can hear the collective sigh of relief from Nokia Communicator fans everywhere as they lock eyes on this first in-the-flesh shot. As we previously reported, the specs on their production quad-band S101 model leave little to be desired as folding smartphones go, with 128MB of RAM, 64MB of ROM, a 2-megapixel shooter, 400MHz of the XScale PXA263 variety, and Qtopia's mobile Linux platform in a 210-gram package. Where do we sign up? Ahh, that's right, ROAD's site -- still no word on actual availability, but at least you can let out a little pent-up excitement by placing an "advance order."

[Via Slashphone]