Kicking back with Winning Eleven 2007

There are some great previews coming out of Leipzig, and GameSpot has a look at Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 that compares the game now with the build available earlier this year at E3.

The control scheme for this forthcoming DS title seems very similar to older versions. The DS's left trigger feints, the right trigger is for a dash, and the d-pad moves your player. The Y button shoots, and the X, A, and B buttons all perform various passes. For anything more complicated, a series of buttons is required.

Further, they report the game seems to be playing faster now than at E3, and the movement and graphics seem to be improved. Unfortunately, for the purpose of the preview, only the single player mode was activated, but GameSpot reports the following menu options: world tour, network, Konami Cup, original team, and training. Sounds like a bevy of options for the soccer fan with a DS.