Logitech's VX and MX Revolution mice

Logitech went back to the drawing board on the MX Revolution and VX Revolution mice, and here's what they came up with: the MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel, which enables force feedback application support. Basically the heavy-feeling alloy wheels (of which there are two on the MX, and one on the VX) can spin freely and smoothly for up to seven seconds with a flick of your finger, or lock into the regular ratcheted scrolling motion like most of us are used to, depending on usage (the VX requires a flipped switch to toggle between the modes), the application, and your system's settings. It's kinda one of those things you have to try for yourself to really appreciate (we got to play with one a few weeks back), but if you're already sold and don't have any problems with your mice once again having dozens of moving parts, the Revolution series will set you back $99 or $79, respectively.