Nikon intros five new Coolpix models

With the Photokina trade show just around around the corner, we've been expecting an onslaught of cameras, and Nikon today proved that its no slouch; the venerable manufacturer has introduced a total of five new members to its lineup of Coolpix consumer cams. We'll start out with the S7c, a compact 7.1 megapixel shooter highlighted by a huge 3-inch LCD, maximum ISO of 1600, and like the previous P3 and S6, that sweet WiFi radio for wirelessly sending your winning shots over the internet (including through email). You're also getting 30fps VGA movie capabilities (with sound), electronic image stabilization, 14MB of internal memory, but as usual, only a 3x optical zoom. Keep on reading for pics and deets on the rest of the new Coolpix posse...

Update: Oh, and did we mention T-Mobile Hotspot users will also be able to use the S7c with their WiFi account using at Coolpix Connect feature? Because they can. Not bad.

Next up we have the Coolpix S10, and although its name might suggest that you're getting a 10 megapixel cam here, it actually captures just six million pixels on the 1/2.5-inch CCD. The real draw, then, is the 10x optical zoom (ah, that's where the 10 comes into play!), achieved through the unique swivel design found on previous Nikons and allowing you capture those all-important above-the-head shots. Rounding out the specs are a 2.5-inch screen, max. ISO of 800, vibration reduction to combat the dreaded hand shake, and 16MB of internal memory. At 220-grams, though, this one is a bit heftier than some folks are accustomed to.

Another 6 megapixel shooter, the S9 stands out due to its super-compact form factor (20.4-millimeters thick, only 115-grams), though the rest of its features are nothing to write home about. It's got a pretty standard 2.5-inch LCD, 3x optical zoom, no image stabilization, and the usual suite of a million preset scene modes to ensure decent shots in any environment.

The other seven megapixel member of the bunch is the Coolpix L5, which is a pretty standard point-and-shoot featuring all the amenities you'd expect: 2.5-inch display, full VGA video capture, lens-shift stabilization, and get this -- a full 5x optical zoom. Also present are the same in-camera image helpers found on some of the other models, including red-eye fix, face priority auto focus, and so-called D-lighting for "rescuing" over- or under-exposed shots.

Finally we've got the Coolpix L6, which at first glance seems to be the least exciting of the new crop: it sports a six megapixel CCD, 2.5-inch LCD, 23MB of internal memory, and a maximum ISO setting of 800. Nikon apparently built this model for stamina, though, as its 1,000-shot capability (with two Energizer lithium AAs) is claimed to be one of the best -- if not the best -- on the market. That's all the Nikon love you get for now, but don't worry, you're gonna be sick and tired of digicams by the time this trade show comes to a close.

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