Ricoh launches Caplio R5 compact with 7x wide-angle zoom

Ricoh has released an update to its zoomerific Caplio R4 compact digital camera today, the not-too-surprisingly-named Caplio R5. Like the R4, it packs a massive 7.1x optical zoom equivalent to 28–200 mm and also ups the megapixels to a respectable 7.0. Otherwise, the main improvements to this model look to be a new vibration correction function and an all new image processing engine, which promises to increase the quality of images shot in low-light conditions and at high ISO levels (all the way up to ISO 1600) -- if true, that would correct some of main complaints with the R4. No word on price yet, unfortunately, but we wouldn't expect it to be too far off from the sub-$450 pricetag of the R4.

[Via DP Review]