Gorenje Eye-Catchers: Get an iced out fridge for 10,000

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|08.28.06

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Gorenje Eye-Catchers: Get an iced out fridge for 10,000

Clearly there's one niche market that the über-rich must have been clamoring for to the appliance manufacturers of the world: how to combine a fridge with obscene amounts of shinyness? Fear not, Gorenje UK, the British division of a company from <strike>the former Yugoslavia</strike> Slovenia, has developed an extremely limited line of refrigerators (known appropriately as "The Eye-Catchers") lined with rows upon rows of Swarovski crystals (7,000 to be precise). Act now kids, because Gorenje is only making 10 of these, and they retail for £10,000 (nearly $19,000). For that price, the combined 331 L (87.4 gallons) capacity fridge-freezer also comes with a radio receiver, a "cookery book" (we assume that's a cookbook), voice messages and a voice alarm. You can catch a glimpse of one of these on the company's website, and at Harrods in London. This fridge too rich for you? Don't worry, there's a budget model priced at only £1400 -- but it only comes with 3500 crystals, so really, what's the point of that? More photos on the flip side.

[Via Pocket Lint]

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