Dell has a fever, prescribes Core 2 Duo updates to XPS and E1705 laptops

As expected, Dell is throwing a whole bunch of Core 2 Duo "Merom" processors into their existing laptop models: the XPS M2010, M1710 and M1210, along with the Inspiron E1705. All three XPS lapsters now offer your choice between a T7200, T7400 and T7600 Core 2 Duo processor, while the E1505 loses the T7600 option but holds onto a pair of Core Duo choices. The XPS units will be starting at $3,500, $2,300 and $1,200 respectively, while the E1705 bottoms out the collection at $1,124. Dell is promising Core 2 Duo updates for the Inspiron E1515 and E1405 later this week, with the Latitude D820, D620 and D520 to follow next week.

[Thanks, Devin and Zach]

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