HP's nx6310 and nx6320 go Core 2 Duo

Next up to board the Merom train is Hewlett Packard, with Core 2 Duo versions of its 14.1-inch nx6310 (pictured) and 15.0-inch nx6320 laptops. At their cheapest configurations, both machines sport a 1.66GHz T5500 processor, integrated graphics, CD-ROM drive (blah), and a 40GB hard drive, with the 6310 rocking 256MB of RAM and the 6320 sporting 512MB. The nx6320 also has double the USB 2.0 ports (four versus two), ups the Ethernet to Gigabit status, and throws in an ExpressCard slot in place of the 6310's PCMCIA. Of course with these fairly weak specs come pretty low prices as well: when they go on sale next week, the nx6310 will start at just 96,600 yen ($825) while the base nx6320 will also be priced under a grand at 111,300 yen ($950).

[Via Impress]