Konami gives Microsoft a wag of their finger

Seems the PR for Microsoft misstepped in their elucidation of the 12-month exclusivity deal struck with EA Sports and Konami for FIFA and Pro-Evolution Soccer, respectively. PES (also known as Winning Eleven) producer Shingo Takatsuka called Microsoft out, saying their "presentation was misleading... We never said exclusive for one year on the next-gen platforms. We said this year. We were agreed that it was this year." We all know repeating your point means you're either firm in your resolve or very angry about an agreement being misconstrued.

Microsoft's wicked claims have caused trouble for Konami and even Sony (confusion about the announcement, most likely). Takatsuka clarified that the 360 version of Winning Eleven is exclusive until the end of 2006 (a PS3 version is in the works for an estimated spring of 2007 release). FIFA may be in the same boat, although EA hasn't released any official announcements. Well Microsoft, you caused quite a ruckus, but your attempts to confuse and mislead consumers and developers were in vain! Although it was most certainly not intentional, it's still a pretty lame move. A tip of the hat, you do not get.